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We are open Monday - Friday, 9:30 am- 3:30pm

We are small but that’s what makes us successful.

We offer a unique service that other, larger agencies are unable to do.

Having been both tenants and landlords ourselves, we know what we would want out of a letting agency and we go out of our way to deliver this to our clients.

We are committed to being the best agency that anyone has ever dealt with and, do you know what?   So far, so good!

We have an impressive tenancy renewal rate and feedback tells us that this is down to the professional, friendly service that we consistently give.

Tenant and landlord feedback tells us that these are the areas that are important to them:

Good communication.

We will always call you back. Not just that, we’ll commit to doing it quickly! Sound obvious? You wouldn’t believe how many tenants tell us that this is their main bug bear about other agencies.

We deal with repairs, quickly and efficiently.

It only takes one phone call, email or text to tell us about something. We endeavour to carry out repairs within 4 days and more often than not, someone will visit within 24 – 48 hours.

We have properties in Newcastle upon Tyne – Heaton, Sandyford and Jesmond and we are also letting in Edinburgh.

Go on… have a look on our properties page and see which property tickles your fancy!

You know you want to!