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    3 bed upper flat, tosson terrace, heaton AVAILABLE SEPT 18

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    3 bedrooms internet included tumble dryer very close to chillingham road
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    ALL INCLUSIVE 6 bed student houseshare – ninth avenue – heaton

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    “Hey man, how the flip did you get such a wicked house?” is what your mates will say if a) they are (understandably) green with envy or b) talk like idiots.

    But they’ll be making a very valid point.  You WILL have a wicked house, despite that word not being cool since 1994.  And boy will you know it – you’ll be charging people to come round for a look before you know it!

    So, the nuts and bots of it – 6 bedrooms, which means you will either be sharing with 6 of your mates, or 6 people you managed to cobble together to live together.  You’ll all start off as mates, but will despise each other by Christmas….. we’ve all been there…..

    Sorry, i digress.

    All the bedrooms are of a good size apart form room 7.  That ones a bit rubbish as it’s a single room with a slopey ceiling but you know what?  We’ll do it so cheap that you’ll be an idiot if you refuse it.

    Room 2 is my favourite – it’s two rooms into one so you can keep sleep and study separate.  Or sleep and xBox – depending on your fancy.

    Otherwise, you’ll be happy little bunny living here – if you’re not, i’ll come and give you a hug.  And a toffee crisp.

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    4 bed house – ebor street – heaton NO TENANT FEES

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    Fabulous 4 bedroom house very close to Chillingham Road with brilliant transport links, shops and restaurants.

    If you put a holding deposit on this before August, there will be NO TENANT FEES! WOOHOO! The property comprises: Ground floor: 1 bathroom with bath, shower, toilet and basin, utility area with washer dryer, kitchen incl. dishwasher, large living room with 2 large sofas and wall mounted TV and a dining area, 1 large double bedroom. First floor: 3 double bedrooms All bedrooms are fully furnished. £260 per person Upfront payments required: Deposit equivalent to 1 month's rent First month's rent and £75 admin  
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    5 bed houseshare – guildford place – heaton

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    Oooooh this is big!!  It has really high ceilings, so if you're into pogo sticking or have a remote controlled helicopter then this is the place of your dreams.

    There are 5 great bedrooms, though a couple are really HUGE so you'll best be the first through the door to baggsy the best one. That said, if you plump for the smallest then you might be able to convince your mates to let you pay less - more money for the pub! And there are 2 full bathrooms plus an extra loo. Crikey, you've almost got a toilet each! There's a tellybox in the lounge, so no arguments about who's goes communal and it has freeview too, so if you're not satisfied with the rubbish that normal channels churn out, you'll have access to billions more. The astute amongst you may have realised that we're not really a normal letting agency. So much so that there's only really 2 of us - both of whom are awesome. One slightly more so, but that's a matter of opinion. What we can promise - cross our hearts and hope to die - is that we will treat you as if you were our own children if you live in one of our properties. And by that we don't mean we'll sub you money and do your laundry - in fact, if you stop paying your rent we'll come and duff you up. Bet your mum wouldn't do that, huh?

    Mine would.

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